About Us

KLA Originals

KLA Originals first established a retail store in 2002. At the time we were located

in a quaint turn of the century building situated within the historic town of

Dawson City, Yukon a place well known as the heart of Canada's famous Klondike Gold

Rush. Today Dawson City is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations

within northern Canada. The town is considered a national historic site and much

effort has been expended in restoring it to its original splendor.


    Our main business was in the design and creation of authentic turn of the

century costumes to accommodate the dress requirements of the many local businesses

that required their staff to dress in period costume. It was at this time that we

developed our line of Gibson Girl and Victorian corsets that have become highly

sought after across Canada along with our tiered skirts and coats made with

authentic Hudson Bay Company blankets.


    In 2009 with our business expanding we decided to relocate to beautiful

Kamloops, British Columbia and started producing our first styles of sweater

jackets. We marketed a few designes at local Art shows & Music Festivals and the

results were overwhelmingly positive.  In February of 2013 we won an award from The

Kamloops Arts Council with one of our original Sweater Jackets. KLA now boasts over

six different sweater jackets designs with more styles in the works adding to our

wide range of fashionable products.




Kirsten Lia Atkins

Kirsten Lia Atkins is not just a professional seamstress but an incredibly talented and imaginative designer. It’s easy

to see why, her grandfather was a Master Tailor and she quickly picked up the interest at the age of six.


Shortly after high school Kirsten opened a sewing business.  after that she started her own label of KLA Originals.

Kirsten’s first love is costuming and that led her to making and renting costumes for 20 years. Prior to settling in

Kamloops Kirsten spent 8 years living in the Klondike studying the clothing styles of the late 1800’s and working with

numerous theater companies and organizations such as Parks Canada  and the Klondike Visitors Association in the reconstructions of period costume.


With this experience today she has designed many different beautiful body shaping corsets and her love of colour

has led her to the design and production of many different styles of award winning up cycled sweater jackets and



Kirsten currently attends many Art and Music Festivals in the summertime. Watch for a scedule and see more of her

work on her Facebook page: KLA Originals