About the Sweaters

About KLA Originals sweater jackets:   All KLA Originals Sweater Jackets, Cardigans and Hoodies are hand crafted one of a kind Original each expressing its own unique and distinctive character. Available in earthy tones to brilliant kaleidoscope of rainbow colours a KLA Originals jacket offers the wearer a fashionable, comfortable and enjoyable experience. It’s like wearing a hug, try one on and see how it hugs you.

About the sweaters that go into a KLA Originals sweater jacket:  At KLA Originals where picky about what sweaters go into our jackets, experience has shown us that only certain types of sweaters or combinations of sweaters will work when creating these designs.

First thing is to find the right sweater to do this we source our sweaters from all over British Columbia.   Each sweater is then inspected for quality and condition. All sweaters are then preshrunk thoroughly washed and colour fast assuring continuity and regularity in the materials stretch.   This design feature allows you to wash and dry your jacket in cold water and a hot dryer. The result of which will reshape the jacket back to its original looking condition by reversing any natural stretch that has occurred from the wearing of the jacket.  This makes caring for your One of a kind KLA Original jacket very easy; just wash, dry and go.